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BFTA - Meet Our Team


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Meet Our Team

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Bethlehem fair trade Artisans (BFTA) selects its staff very carefully. Firstly, every staff member is familiar with the fair trade approaches, and committed to actualizing the fair trade principles in Palestine. All staff are advocate to the fair trade movement and work to spread its message around the Palestinian territories. Secondly, BFTA’s staff are highly skilled and trained to perform their work in the best way possible. Every staff member is expert in the work that she does and highly trained in her field.

BFTA has a transparent and specific organizational chart which clearly illustrates the responsibilities of its four departments: “Management & Sales”; “Logistics”; “Finance”; and “Projects & Development”. Each of these departments is headed by a capable staff member that has a significant experience in her field and able to deliver the best results possible.

BFTA’s team works together as a family towards the achievement of its goals. BFTA’s vision is to spread the message of fair trade in every household in Palestine and to restore the dignity of the marginalized groups in the Palestinian society. Through its dedication to solidify the fair trade principles, BFTA works to contribute to a global trade structure of equality and justice.



Suzan Sahori
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Suzan is a co-founder and the leader of BFTA’s team. Suzan has 20 years of experience working for organizations such as YWCA, the municipality of Beit Sahour, and the American embassy of Jerusalem. Suzan worked in the field of project management, fundraising, IT system development, and education. Suzan learned about Fair Trade throughout her work and believed in its message. She established BFTA to advance the fair trade positioning in Palestine. Now after nine years of BFTA, Suzan became one of the leaders of fair trade movement in the Middle East. 

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Ibrahim Shepat
Finance Officer

Ibrahim is in charge of BFTA’s pricing and accounting system. He maintains a clear record on BFTA’s financial information and provides a weekly reporting on BFTA’s financial activities, which includes activities related to accountancy, sales, inventory, projects development, implementation, logistics, and purchases. Ibrahim is highly trained in the field of accountancy. He has a Master’s degree in accounting sciences, and 15 years of experiences working for the private sector for organizations such as Nassar Group; Al-Jirashi investment group; and Future group for advertising. Ibrahim is a believer in fair trade and he left his work in the private sector to join BFTA in advancing the live conditions of the most marginalized groups in Palestine.  

Hanna Musleh 
Programme Coordinator - IT Specialist 

Hanna Musleh started working in BFTA eight years ago. He currently works as a programme coordinator; facilitates events locally and internationally, works to expand the outreach of fair trade in Palestine and to connect the local producers with international partners and networks. Hanna is highly trained in the field of management. He holds a Master’s degree in business Administration (MBA) and has a significant experience working at BFTA in management, logistics, digital marketing, international fairs, and sales. Hanna is also responsible for BFTA’s IT system and database. Currently, he develops BFTA’s fair Trade tourism program. Hanna is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and started his own local business outside BFTA. 

Jasmine Rishmawi 
Logistics Officer

Jasmine is in charge of the logistics activities; processing customers’ orders; ensuring shipping requirements; and delivering on time. She is also responsible for the implementation of the Fair Trade monitoring system (IMS) on producers. She has a Diploma in administration and four years of experience working at BFTA in management and logistics. Jasmine is passionate and loyal to advocating the rights of producers. She is very efficient in her work and maintains a strong network with all producers. 

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Nivine Awad 
Administrative & Logistics Assistant

Nivine provides support for the management and logistics department. She is in charge of keeping an organized filing system and database. She provides support to the logistics department in processing orders and ensuring that the warehouse is kept organized. Nivine is also in charge of developing the managerial reports on BFTA’s activities. She holds a Diploma, and has a significant experience in secretarial work. Nivine is organized and efficient in her work, and most importantly committed to BFTA and its message.   

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Issa Awad 
Procurement Officer

Issa coordinates the activities in the warehouse, keeping records of the inventory, and making sure that packaging and labeling are conducted as per BFTA’s requirements. He holds a BA in Management and Finance. Issa has excellent organizational skills and methods in arranging inventory and processing orders. He supports the logistics department and works closely with producers to maintain a high quality of production, and to get packaging done on time. Issa is transparent and easy to work with; highly enthusiastic about work, and always reflects positivity to colleagues and beneficiaries.

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Fida' Mousa 
Project Development Manager

Fida’ manages the development and implementation of BFTA’s projects and social development programmes. She is highly trained in the field of project development and social change. She holds a Masters in International political economy, and has a 7 years of experience working in institutions such as UNRWA, Bethlehem Bible College, and the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO). Fida’ is a highly creative and talented individual. She has an excellent understanding of the concepts and applications of human rights approaches, and she works to identifying and developing BFTA’s social intervention programmes and strategies.






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