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Al Basma Center

Al Basma Center has a pure mission at heart of aiming to improve the quality of life for its members by preparing them to participate in mainstream education and be a part of society. To achieve this, the Center fosters in its students a sense of equality with their peers, along with pride in crafts they are able to produce, and in skills they have mastered. The outcome we hope for is a reenact of personal confidence for those individuals who have suffered getting their self-esteem ripped apart today’s society. 

Members at Al Basma Center are given the opportunity to develop their handicraft skills leaving them feeling productive. When a person feels they are productive and when they receive compliments for their work, they are automatically more confident of their abilities.

The project that is held at Al Basma Center is recycled paper production. Students enrolled in this program collect neglected old papers and through a process transform it into beautiful items like holiday cards and notebooks. 

Here at BFTA we support the work of Al Basma Center, they have an ever inspiring mission and the recycled paper project is beneficial not only in developing skills but in learning the essence of being resourceful. 

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