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BFTA - Al-Malath Center (Olive Wood)


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Al-Malath Center (Olive Wood)

Al-Malath Charitable Society was founded in 2006 for the purpose of providing rehabilitation, education, and care for youth with mental disabilities so they will be able to reach their full potential through developing their physical condition, skills, and abilities. 

Al-Malath program aims at accomplishing the following objectives: to provide a space and program for the youth outside their home, to create an environment that promotes self-image, to reinforce their learning abilities, to provide them with the opportunity to socialize with others, and overall to improve their daily functioning. Al-Malath accomplishes those goals through many different ways, for instance activities which involves participating in music and entertainment programs. In addition to that, they arrange summer cap programs, and they even have gardening and pet raising programs. All the activities that are needed to make Al-Malath members feel productive, happy, and improve their skills to the fullest potential.

Let us talk more about what Al-Malath offers, like productive programs. They hold different programs starting from occupational therapy to physical therapy to speech therapy to kitchen programs and workshop programs. Their mission is very inspiring and truly touching to the heart, and at BFTA we aim to support them in every way we can.
For instance, their workshop program is successful and making individuals more productive and self-dependent. They work with laser products, artistic coloring, gluing items, and so forth. Making these lovely souvenirs makes them feel productive and beneficial as part of our society. They are able to be their own person, and to have fun working and socializing with one another. It builds courage and character.

Here at BFTA, we do our best to encourage them to move forward and keep up their good work.

To view their work, please click here.


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