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BFTA - Asheera Bedouin Group


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Asheera Bedouin Group

OXFAM AhedIzhiman96Asheerah - عشيرة is a brand involving a network of Palestinian Bedouin handicrafts producers.

Asheerah focuses on giving Bedouins from marginalized communities a voice to achieve visibility and inclusion in mainstream society, providing
them with space for creativity, expression and social activity and improving traditional skills (wool production, needlework and jewellerymaking),
using resources already present in the community. Bedouin culture is thus revived, refined and preserved for future generations. All
Asheerah artisans are Bedouin women from the communities around Jerusalem.
Asheerah philosophy: Only if we stay working closely together we stand a chance to survive as a community. Our products are our means to make
the outside world recognize us. We hope to arouse interest and support by the international community for the indigenous Bedouin minority.
Every item is completely hand made from natural materials, with love and care. Join us as we make our first steps out from the tent and into the
outside world....


THE CRAFT had evolved parallel to the lifestyle. Goat hair had been used for centuries as an abundant resource
for making attire and tents (as a matter of fact the tent is called BeitAshShaar- House of Hair).
Sheep wool had been used for knitting, weaving rugs and covers and stuffing mattresses, pillows and more.
These items were the main part of bride’s dowry - the more of them the better her status with her spouse’s
family. The skills for combing, spinning and weaving the wool had been passed on from mother to daughter
for generations.
As artificial surrogates took over the markets, today these valuable resources are wasted, burned or dispersed
in nature: with no economic gains by transforming sheep and goat hair in beautiful handcrafts, the
Bedouin women are losing their producing techniques.
Asheerah supports its women producers to find ways of using the wool again, recovering and safeguarding
the Bedouin artistic and cultural heritage.


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