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Ceramics and Blown Glass

The city of Hebron is famous in its production of Ceramics and Blown Glass. Please continue reading if you are interested in gaining a little insight about Ceramics and Blown Glass products and how the factories manage their production. 

Ceramics have been manufactured in Hebron for ages; it is a long-lived tradition between family-owned businesses. The tradition has lived and the art in its products has advance over time. Producers become more skillful but they always use traditional methods (discarding the usage of modern wheels or ovens) which have been passed on to them from their ancestors. The making of ceramics requires careful and detailed handmade art, which then is followed by firing in an open area, and charcoal-fuelled kilns. The way the products are fabricated (like those unique flower and arabesque patterns) is quiet complicated both in making and to the eye. Hebron’s ceramics are internationally well known for their distinct style and careful but highly creative finishing touches.  

The wide collection of products manufactured range from colorful hand-painted plates, vases, hanging ornaments, tiles, cups, jars to framed mirrors. These products resemble originality, tradition, and longevity. The products earned a status almost as big as the producer’s local reputation. Our aim is to articulate this talent and put a face to those lovely colorful ceramics which are known for their intricate detail. 

To check out their products, please click here for Al Salam Factory& here for Tamimi Factory.

The name Hebron Glass refers to the modern line of distinctive glassblowing industry which is stemmed from the European-style glassware. The expertise of our local craftsmen adds to the value of glassware products. The production of glass in Hebron factories involves the usage of shattered glass collected from houses near Hebron. This is the initial step and main raw material used in their production and shown to visitors or tourists who are interested in learning about this art. For instance, some raw materials are imported from the Chinese markets. 

The entire production of the glassblowing industry is a main attraction station for tourists visiting Palestinian artisan’s shops; they enjoy learning about this art and seeing how they work with very high temperatures.  

Hebron Factories produce a wide range of souvenir products from household items like wine glasses, dishes, bowls and flower pots. Designs take a variety of selections including Holy Land motifs starting from black and blue floral patterns to more colorful artistic items. In order to promote these products, they are displayed in large showrooms adjacent to the factories.

In order to protect this tradition and encourage the growing of this modern-based glassblowing industries; awareness needs to be raised. With a combination of neglected glass and a high temperature concentration, beautiful souvenir products are born. 

Please click here for Blown Glass products by Al Salam Factory. 



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