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Olive Oil Soap

The abundancy of olive wood trees provides our country with more benefits than we are able to list. For instance, it gives us the essential substance needed in the making of Olive Oil Soap. BFTA works with different soap producers such as: Aseela Women’s cooperatives, Canaan Fair Trade, Nablus Soap, Ten Lepers Soap, and Tubasee. Please click to view the different soap collection

Aseela Women's Cooperative is an innovative entrepreneurial project which aims at empowering Palestinian women, generating their ability to provide a stable income for their families. Aseela is made up of 17 women from the area of Bethlehem and in refugee camps. 

Let us give you a scope of how Aseela Women’s cooperative came to life in 2004. It all started in a small kitchen for Waka Khatib who resides at the Deheisha Refugee Camp. Our lady, Wafa, used to be a nurse working in Jerusalem with all the trouble that brought her. Palestinians have restrictions especially when it comes down to entering Jerusalem, it is a difficult situation. Wafa reached a point where she just wanted to have a fresh new start, to have a job which can help her and other women who are suffering to support their families. She took a step, and together with 12 other women (at the time) started the project of their life. 

The women had a vision to come up with a unique Palestinian product which can be sold at international markets under the name of fair trading. After brainstorming, they advanced their knowledge and began to experiment with Olive Oil Soap. The motivation in their hearts derived from their families need for survival, and they were each other’s inspiration. A center in Ramallah believed in them and offered them a good donation which helped them in standing on their feet and believing in the mission they had at heart.  As they were experimenting and trying out different recipes, they knew they were getting one step closer to the right one; and the perfect recipe…they made it !

In their heart they had their family’s future, and right before their eyes they had the perfect Olive Oil Soap recipe.

Each woman has her own unique story and a family to support; but together they combined this love with their skill. The project began with one mind and one idea, and now has extended as far to provide economic security for women and their families, to empowering women through entrepreneurship, to establishing international recognition for Palestinians products, and launching an international network of women entrepreneurs.

Following the footsteps of Palestinian tradition of olive oil soap making, Aseela takes it on. The usage of olive oil, flowers, and spices, herbs in food, medicine, and body care products has been an integral part of Palestinian life for centuries. The women of Aseela Cooperative are keeping this tradition alive and sharing it with the rest of the world. Their products are organic, entirely handmade, and good for sensitive and dry skin. Olive oil soap is natural, and one of Palestine’s finest products.   

The support you give yields in lots of benefits for several women and their families. Visit our store and consider supporting the work of these women entrepreneurs by purchasing handmade olive oil soap!

Canaan Fair Trade as their name suggests are partners with BFTA with a mission to sell through fair trading. They are a Palestinian NGO who believes in the interconnection between social and environmental values. Their aim is to provide sustainable market opportunities for small scale producers and village-based cooperatives in Palestine. 

The soaps are handmade by women’s cooperatives using certified organic olive oil and coconut oil. The women working in these cooperatives follow a traditional Palestinian art which has been passed on from centuries ago. We feature Canaan Fair Trade soaps with a variety of lovely scents, including bergamot, mint, grapefruit, and lavender. Consider supporting the work that BFTA and Canaan Fair Trade are doing hand-in-hand; because to support us is to support women in keeping this art alive. 

Nablus Soap Company is known outside of the local market, and the good word about it keeps on spreading. It is known as the fashion in the world of skin care cosmetics with the most unique scents from pomegranates, dates, lemon, black cumin, figs, honey, olive oil, lavender, cinnamon, sage, mint, grapes, avocados, dead sea mud, and you name it ! 

The famous aroma therapy effect is derived from purely natural ingredients. The advantage is that the soap is ideal for everyday usage.

It is suitable for all skin types (sensitive, dry, or otherwise) as they have many different products for your own liking and preference. They have been in the market since 1971 and they are without a doubt the most prominent soap producers in Nablus city. Mojtaba Tbeleh Adnan was the founder of Nablus Soap, and he carried on this tradition from over 400 years ago from his ancestors. 

Olive soap from Nablus is made by hand using a small number of all natural ingredients, with a mixture of olive oil and salt as the basis; it is indeed a very delicate process. For starters, the mixture is cooked and then dried out for months before usage. Following that, the blocks are carved by the Tubeili soap makers, and piled into precise characteristic geometric towers, with regards to smaller blocks which are pressed into shape, and then labelled with the name “Nablus”.

 It took decades worth of experience, skill, and passing on knowledge from one Tbeleh generation to the next to have Mojtaba Tbeleh master it in our very recent day. 



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