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Women’s Embroidery

Embroidery have always been an art in our culture, it has been passed down from women to their daughters and grandchildren. You can probably date back embroidery to the 19th century, and witness its existence on traditional clothing, mosaics, carvings and so forth. Us Palestinians never ditch our traditions, in fact we were taught to embrace them. We hold on firmly to those traditions which make up our culture for they mark our existence and will continue to do so for generations ahead. Embroidery is simply one of them, and women enjoy developing this skill. 

Palestinian embroidery is very beautiful done and it focuses most on details for the essence of it is its high quality finishing. The motifs which are represented in Bethlehem and Jerusalem like the “Tree of Life” include lively colors of reddish, golden and yellowish shades. The motifs of Gaza— predominantly the amulet, the butterfly, and the comb— are represented in a variety of deep purples. Many historic motifs are inspired by the natural landscape and wildlife, while others are derived from basic geometric shapes like triangles, squares and rosettes. It slightly differs from one city to another; embroidery is an art with no limits. 

Women just need the right motivation and the inspiration follows naturally. BFTA supports women’s embroidery and try our best to encourage their finest work to continue. 

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