BFTA Tours

We are proud to announce our upcoming Taste & See experiential and fair trade tour to Palestine.
Tour Dates: 20/3/2020 – 28/3/2020

The first thing you will notice when you get to Palestine is the smell of jasmine in the air, the cool breeze and the incredibly warm welcome you will get from everyone. You will hear the chatter of families coming out in the evening to socialize and the smell of delicious food being cooked and served in the streets. This is our Palestine and we invite you to come and experience all her beauty and joy. We also invite you to come and see our struggle, and stand with us as we work towards a just peace.

We are proud to announce our upcoming Taste &See experiential and fair trade tour to Palestine that we operate in cooperation with Alternative Tourism Group – Beit Sahour, This tour is a great way to see the real Palestine and to do it ethically, supporting local people and protecting the local environment seeing how life really is so that you can go home and talk about what you have seen, heard and tasted.

BFTA has unprecedented access to artisans and women’s groups due to our relationship of trust from years of supporting them into global markets after gaining World Fair Trade Guaranteed Member. We have renovated a stunning old building in the old beating heart of Beit Sahour which acts as a Craft Village ; a creative open space for artists to come and share ideas, make their products and sell their crafts. We welcome you to come and meet the artisans, buy beautiful fair trade crafts and eat at our organic roof-top restaurant with views across Beit Sahour.

In an amazing 8 days tour you will have a life-time chance to visit many amazing sites , meet Palestinian fair trade artisans, workshops and organizations. You will be able to have a closer look at some fine handcrafting, work along with the artisans and hear their stories. You will visit and uncover unique sites in Palestine often hidden from regular tours, meet inspirational Palestinians who are great leaders and indulge your senses with famous Palestinian food .

We have designed the Taste & See tour to be very detailed and suitable for max 30 people group. you will also be accompanied by one of BFTA’s staff.

Upcoming Tour Date: 20/3/2020 – 28/3/2020