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Craft village

BFTA Craft Village:
The Start of a new mission in the heart of the old city of Beit Sahour

We work with local producers specializing in olive wood carvings, embroidery, mother of pearl, olive oil soap, recycled glass, handmade paper & jewellery, felt and ceramics. Our purposes are to promote fair trade principles among all producers and to develop the craft economy in Palestine by providing support services for local artisans.

Now, we are located in Beit Sahour in the heart of the old city very close to the Nativity church, in a beautiful renovated building were we designed a craft village for visitors to learn about Palestinian crafts and history.

We established our beautiful Craft Village to gather art and talent under its roof and to allow visitors to experience the uniqueness of Palestine. Through touring our Craft Village you will have the chance to experience many activities based on your time and preferences.

What we offer at the Craft Village for our visitor:

  • Authentic Palestinian home cooked meals( lunch/dinner) cooked by our women chefs while enjoying a traditional folklore dance(dabkeh) and learning some dance moves after at our fair trade roof top dining area ( amazing view of Beit Sahour and Bethlehem ).
  • Enjoy Palestinian snacks and watch our women partners prepare hot Palestinian shrak bread using a traditional oven.
  • The chance to take a tour in the craft village and admire the beauty of the old renovated house while meeting artisans (women &men) and listing to the amazing success stories BFTA had with its partner artisans .
  • Be in special art Classes for products we offer such as embroidery, painting on blown glass baubles and recycled paper
  • Our visitors can also check out different artisanal products offered by BFTA at the Fair Trade gift shop/ gallery in Palestine that protects the authenticity of hand designed products from the Holy Land, our visitors will learn the stories behind these products from the real artisans who produced these masterpieces, they can also buy anything their heart fancies knowing that they are supporting a cause and spreading fairness on earth.
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