As a Part of BFTA’s projects to help Palestinian artisans especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. BFTA has launched a new project: Mitigating the impact of COVID -19 on women’s economic participation in the state of Palestine, funded by the UNDP. The project targets more than 40 affected marginalized women and emphasizes on developing their capacities. The project works on empowering five categories in the women artisan’s industry, sheep wool, embroidery, blown glass, copper jewelry and kids toys. The project works on expanding the range of products these women produce, thus empower their work and raise their profit. BFTA contracted with multiple expert designers to provide new products with innovative designs to the artisans. All designs are exclusive for BFTA and are used to benefit all artisan that have been severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Designer conducted training sessions for all targeted artisans to produce the chosen designs supervised by BFTA. Follow up meeting and visits occurred constantly as the trainees sure had many questions that the designers and BFTA answered to cover all aspects of the project. At the end, each targeted group will be able to produce an innovative, modern, unique and final product for their category. These products will be promoted by BFTA on all social media platform and on BFTA’s own website. BFTA has connections around the globe with clients that are fund of the Palestinian art work.

This project has offered and is still offering work opportunities for over 40 artisans and 5 designers. These projects change the artisans lives. One good product can be a long-lasting profit for these marginalized artisans. BFTA always works on bringing new projects to the organization as each project helps artisans in a different aspect. As most artisans in Palestine produce mostly the same designs, it has become hard to promote and sell their products. What we do in BFTA is supply those artisans with new designs that can be sold in foreign countries by our promotional ability. On this project also, we have hired an international market expert that actually provided BFTA with an assessment on the international market and its clients. This is how BFTA targets its most suitable clients and this is how artisans benefit. Knowing that we have an export market that we can target using the products of our fellow artisans is how we can mostly achieve our mission.

Our goal is to provide sustainability for marginalized artisans through creating work opportunities using fair price depending on the principles of fair trade. We are committed to creating a fair world for the artisans by empowering them and enforcing their contribution to their communities. Any person can be an asset in their community if given the right chance and motivation. And despite all the difficulties holy land artisans face, the authenticity of the holy land products remains remarkable and cherished around the globe. Each product is handmade, hand-printed and hand-packaged by the most dedicated artisans. They just want to make a decent living out of what they love to do the most. They deserve to be contained and appreciated, and this is what BFTA stands for.

For the upcoming events, BFTA will be hosting more trainings for our artisans as well as our annual artisans meeting, where we gather our artisans to talk about the achievements of last year. We will discuss all the challenges we faced this year and we will celebrate the end of another successful year with them. Those meetings and field visits are vital for strengthening the relationship and trust between the artisans and BFTA. Conducting follow up meetings every now and then helps to set the artisans on track to enhance their efficiency and productivity.
Finally, we want to thank all our sponsors and partners for their utmost support and dedication to make the artisans life easier. We aim to maintain the great work we do together to help marginalized artisans. Having you by our side is an asset and we will never take it for granted. Thank you.