Meet The Board
Asal has a Bachelor's degree in computer science and Master's in educational management, and is yet another member on our board. She has been a teacher at the Latin Patriarchate
Ms. Hannan Manoli is a strategic member of BFTA’s board. She is a well-known civil engineer and has a significant experience in projects development . Hannan played a key role
Mr. Karem Mahmoud is an active member of BFTA’s board. He constantly provides BFTA with support and expertise. Karem has a BA in Business Administration and he’s a well-known businessman
Mr. Abdalmasih, the mayor of Beit-Sahour since 2005, is an economical activist and the founder of many important institutions, such as the Union of the Palestinian Textile Industries, and a
Dr. Marwan, co-founder and chairman of our Board of Directors, who was our previous financial consultant. He is a leading figure in our community who was elected as a vice