Natural Glazed pottery Pottery bowl $45.00
Natural Glazed Pottery Set of Six Coffee Cups with Pot and Tray $50.00

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Welcome to our exclusive collection of Natural Glazed Pottery Pots, handcrafted with care and expertise by talented artisans in Hebron. Each pot is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and time-honored techniques passed down through generations.
Elevate your gardening experience with our exquisite pottery pots, designed to bring a touch of rustic elegance to any outdoor space. Whether planting herbs, flowers, or succulents, these pots add a distinctive charm that complements any garden aesthetic.
To ensure the longevity of your pottery pot, we recommend handwashing with a gentle soap and water. This simple care routine preserves the integrity of the glaze, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and durability of Hebron’s artisanal craftsmanship for years to come.
Discover the beauty and authenticity of our Natural Glazed Pottery Pots, a true reflection of Hebron’s enduring legacy of craftsmanship and artistry

Dimensions 23 × 7 cm