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Natural glazedPottery / water Jug

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glazed coffee cups, a matching pot, and a charming tray, all showcasing the unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance of Hebron’s pottery tradition.
Each piece in this set is a unique work of art, expertly shaped and glazed to perfection, adding a touch of rustic sophistication to your coffee ritual. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet morning moment or hosting a gathering with loved ones, our coffee set enhances every occasion with its unparalleled beauty and functionality.
We recommend handwashing with a gentle soap and water to preserve the delicate glaze and intricate details of your pottery set. This simple care routine ensures that your set remains as stunning as the day you first brought it home, allowing you to enjoy the unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship of Hebron’s artisans for years.
Elevate your coffee experience with the exquisite beauty and timeless charm of our Natural Glazed Pottery Coffee Set, a true embodiment of Hebron’s rich cultural heritage and artisanal craftsmanship.”

Dimensions 11 × 7 cm